A Class Visit to the Tommy Hilfiger Showroom Studio in NY

On Tuesday July 17 my textiles analysis class visited the Tommy Hilfiger Showroom in NYC. The trip was setup by my professor who arranged everything with Betsey Hilfiger (that's Tommy Hilfiger sister btw), she was also our tour guide throughout the day. Days before the trip I asked my professor will we be able to take pictures and she said probably not, however I did bring my camera just in case I wanted to make a video of my adventure of going to the showroom. When we went into the the building which holds other designers such as Derek Lam, we were introduced to Betsey and shown a video of 20 years of Tommy Hilfiger designs, runway and the whole brand.
Betsey was so sweet when we went the room the held the Tommy Hilfiger archive it was immediately announce that we can take pictures.
Majority of the classmates had camera phones taking pictures, I on the other hand took pictures and video but I couldn't take much as I wanted to because I only brought my 64 mb memory card which is not a lot memory. I didn't bring my other memory card that can hold an hour worth of video because we were informed that we couldn't pictures, but it's ok, I just want to take pictures and video of so much more, I just have to deal with what I have. Well the archive was amazing absolutely amazing. I mean shirts, dresses, jeans in almost every color over the past 20 years.

We even saw the inspiration boards and lookbook for this upcoming collection. Well I am going to stop writing the video below sums up the whole experience. Enjoy, I know I did.

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The Tips I Learned from Victoria Beckham: Coming to America

Even though it seemed that I was the only one tuned in to Victoria Beckham: Coming To America show that aired on NBC last night it is quite interesting to see how this Posh-Brit handles herself from all the stiff robotic poses I see in pictures. But anyway I did catch a few things that last night that was fashionably funny:

1. The term, Toe Cleavage
2. It's exhasting to be soooooo fabulous
3. Make sure your knickers is not on display during a earthquake drill
4. Victoria will die before wearing ballerina pumps
5. Make sure you are equipped with make-up and hairstylist for your Driver Licence photo

pic via socialitelife
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NO! Not Another One

Okay everyone it is time to say goodbye to another fashion magazine, it was reported today that Jane magazine will stop production and the August issue will be the last issue. Lets all of us take a moment....
cover pic via Jane Mag
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Mellow Yellow

"They call me Mellow Yellow, Quite rightly." song Mellow Yellow by Donovan
I haven't mention this on my blog but I am a sales associate at a store in a mall in New Jersey I have been working there since March. Today two of my managers and myself wore yellow, coincidentally. However we were not the only ones even though today was not that busy I stood in front of the store and saw countless of women and men wearing yellow, it was just one of those days.
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Quote of the Day

"I am fascinated by chic trash. I like ugliness; I don't like simple, straight, beautiful things."

- photographer Manuela Pavesi
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Okay I wouldn't call myself an extreme girly-girl or a tomboy, however I prefer wearing jeans or bermuda shorts with ballet instead of heels. I am not the one to step out my house just in a dress unless an occasion presents itself. I admire many fashionable ladies who can wear short dresses that is barley covering their a$$es walking out on a windy day. I do have many jersey dresses that I have collected through stores such as H&M and Forever21 that I wear with skinny jeans.
Maybe that's a fear a mine not really dabbling in this trend of dresses. I love to walk around and the thought of my dress flying up in the air or that I might take a tumble while crossing the street (I've seen it happened) and my a$$ will be out on display; the thought makes me cringe. But anyway an occasion has presented itself where I desperately need to look chic but effortless. As I was trying to put multiple items in my closet nothing did anything for me. So I went to H&M and brought two dresses, when I went home and tried on the dresses with my peep-toe heels I realize the phenomenon with dresses this season. It's not a headache to figure out just put it on and go the only problem now is which one to choose. UM!!!

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