Harper's Bazaar June 2006 Issue

8:26 PM

Well I got to give a two perfectly manicured thumbs to Harper's Bazaar Fashion News/Fashion Director Kristina O'Neill for the Runway Report: Fall's New Looks on page 172 in June 2006 issue. It was very on point as I was at the New York Fashion Week in February this past season and even though none of the designers that I went to their fashion shows was in the issue the overall concept of all trend was consistent.
Also it's funny because in my Mass Communication class our first project was to make a magazine and give brief details on the articles that would be in the magazine. For the reason I would love to work in the fashion magazine world on day. Everything was based on the my experience at the Fall 06 fashion shows. So I when I saw the Runway Report by Kristina O'Neill that was more of an inspiration for me to be in the magazine world.

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