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Contemporary Fashion, A New Sustainable Fashion Platform.

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Contemporary Fashion Magazine

Contemporary Fashion, a new shoppable, digital magazine, and community, that fixes the gap between accessibility and sustainable fashion. Fashion brands can thrive while also contributing to positive environmental change. The key concerns that resonate with consumers’ values, includes the growing demand for ethically-sourced fabrics and sustainable practices whose impact extends throughout the supply chain.

Contemporary Fashion highlights small, eco-conscious designers and companies, and is currently working against the waste produced by the fast fashion industry, with an end goal of creating a place where readers can sustainability shop and consciously consume. 

I was able to dig a little deeper by asking the Co-founder Georgia India some questions, read below...

(Me)What inspired you to create a magazine about sustainable fashion?

(Georgia India) I wanted to create a space that is solely dedicated to fashion brands that are responsible and ethical, where we can showcase and highlight some of the amazing ways fashion is becoming more sustainable. It’s important for us to share and make this information accessible and inclusive. Everyone should be able to shop smarter and more consciously. 


What are some challenges you think are facing the sustainable fashion industry right now? How are we overcoming them?

Fast fashion is one of the biggest issues, as a lot of the fast fashion companies will make replicas of original designs and sell them cheaper. The only way we will overcome this issue is if individuals choose to avoid buying fast fashion. I do think more and more people are starting to be selective when purchasing clothes. Instead of choosing items that are only on-trend for this season choose to shop sustainable or vintage but select garments that are wardrobe staples and will always be stylish. We are hoping through Contemporary Fashion Magazine we can inspire people to choose the sustainable route and shop responsibly. 


Are there any brand(s) in particular that you think we should have our eyes on? 

There are so many brands I love at the moment, one to watch would be House of Sunny, they have the most beautifully crafted staples that will complete your summer wardrobe. Another brand is Djerf Avenue, created by Swedish Instagram influencer Matilda Djerf, she has carefully designed her non-seasonal collection, which is created in small batches. Structured blazers, trousers, and classic white tees, you can’t go wrong with. Lastly, I must mention Nanushka, all of their pieces are gorgeous and all sustainable. 


What are your big plans with Contemporary Fashion magazine? Where do you hope to see Contemporary Fashion five years from now?

We hope to grow Contemporary Fashion to become “the hub” for sustainable fashion, a platform, and magazine known for where to go to find out about responsible, conscious, and fair fashion. 

Click here go to the Contemporary Fashion website.

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