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Farissa Knox on Why Your Fashion Image Should Still Matter When Working Virtually

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Farria Knox

Farissa Knox is the Founder and CEO of RLM Media, an integrated marketing and communications advertising agency, and WhatRUWearing (WRUW) Productions. Farissa is also a leading image consultant, producer and entrepreneur who is passionate about her fashion sense. 

Now that the Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted in many of the States, companies are still working virtually and potential employees are getting back into the workspace. For potential employees this will lead to job interviews and adjusting to this new landspace. 
I ask Farissa Knox on advice on how employee's fashion image virtually is important now than ever. 

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As someone who has an eye for fashion, did you have to pivot your image to work with your clients virtually? If so, how?
(Farissa) Everyone had to pivot this past year and a half. And how we dressed every day was no exception. As a busy CEO and working mother of two, working from home was not glamorous. Being at home means you still have work but also need to be comfortable. When working from home and still needing to look presentable, the way I pivoted my style was to focus on simplicity and comfortability. This strategy included wearing neutral colors and loose and comfortable articles of clothing that look relaxed but put together so that a necklace or a lip color is the only accessory you need. 

What are the best colors to use during a zoom meeting? 
Colors depend on so many different factors. What is the background others on the zoom will see? What is your skin color? What is your lighting situation? Like many others, I have no choice but to be flexible in my working-from-home situation. Some of my calls can be taken at my desk in my home office. Others might occur while I’m on the floor in my bedroom or any setting in between. I tend to stick to white, black, neutral colors and then bring a pop of color with my lip color. If you have a pretty plain background, featuring patterns and bright colors in the surrounding area works well because it’s a nice contrast to the plain background.

What are the top image or fashion essentials someone should have to make the best impression during a zoom interview? 
 Beyond removing anything you don’t want coworkers to see from the camera's view, lighting is crucial. Shadows can be distracting, and when people can see you clearly, it is easier to pay attention to what you are saying. From there, I like to give folks something fun to look at when they are looking at me. A fun headband, necklace, or statement ring (for my hand talkers) is a simple way to use fashion to stand out in the small amount of real estate that shows up in your Zoom box.

Now that so many people have been unemployed during the lockdown, any advice on how to get back into the job interviewing process? 
Not that much has changed when you think about it. Treat finding a job like it is your job. If you were meeting with your boss in person or virtually, how would you show up? Would you put on real clothes? Would you shower? Would you plan for a quiet space to have a real conversation? Would you prepare? The answer is yes to all of those things. Whether meeting virtually or not, putting in that effort shows the level of seriousness you have in yourself and in the position you are trying to secure.

What are the biggest missteps you've seen with people’s fashion during virtual meetings? 
The two biggest mistakes people make in fashion in virtual meetings are either doing too much or doing too little. We all understand it has been a crazy time, and our realities have changed in our day-to-day lives. To see someone with a full face of makeup, lashes, and a suit is a lot when we were all on lockdown. On the other hand, when people do too little, that also stands out for all the wrong reasons. We know times are tough, but you don’t want people wondering if that is the same shirt you slept in last night. 😂

Why do you think people's image should still matter when doing business over zoom? 
For me, it’s less about image and more about how you present yourself. Fashion is nothing but self-expression at the end of the day. Whether you are in person or virtual, you need to bring the best, realistic version of yourself. That’s how I try to show up every day in the world.

To learn more about Farrisa Knox, https://farissaknox.com/about  

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