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RAYCON Disrupts Consumer Wireless Tech Industry

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RAYCON Disrupts Consumer Wireless Tech Industry
RAYCON Disrupts Consumer Wireless Tech Industry

Singer Ray-J popularly known as Brandy's brother has really come into his own as an entrepreneur. His Raycon headphones has disrupted the tech industry. Ray-J co-founded Raycon in 2017 and has become the premium audio brand with expeditiously growth in 3 years. The brand has surpassed the 1 million customer mark in just 3 years without any crowdfunding efforts. In 2020 on Black Friday the brand saw over $4 million in sales which the brand's valuation to reach $100 million.

Raycon has 4 headphones designs that were created to optimize experiences now that the new normal is working from home and exercising at home.

  • The Everyday E25 Earbuds  - the travel-ready earbuds are the most compact of the collection perfect for on-the-go listening.

  • The WORK Earbuds - utilize noise cancelling properties to diminish environmental sounds while ensuring your voice is crystal clear.

  • The Trendsetter H20 Headphones - the only over the ear headphones in the collection offer premium sound quality, active noise cancelling technology and all day battery life.

Happy Black History Month!

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