Life In a Fashion Struggle pt.2

1:07 PM

I guess my life in a fashion struggle seems to continue from the last time I went through it. However since I came back from Florida I have tried to get a retail job at the mall that is near where I am in NJ. I am not saying specificially which mall, but I went around this certain mall and asked in each store that I like if they were hiring surprisingly many stores were accepting applications. When I went into Forever21 the assistant manager told me to download the application from the website and bring into the store because they didn't have any paper applications on hand. I believe a week after that when I knew I was going back to the mall I filled out and downloaded the application from the website and brought into the store.

A few days after actually I recieved a phone call from the store asking me to come in for a interview. I got to say I was really excited a store that I completely adore with clothes that I can actually afford put my application in consideration for an interview. So I went to the interview basically wearing Forever21 jeans and a sweater. Has I meet with the store manager I disregarded her dishevelment in appearance and just focus on trying to be a stand out in the interview. She asked me tell her a little about myself, so I talked about my Walt Disney World internship, going to fashion week, fashion articles I have written, attending school for fashion marketing and probably so more topics that had "fashion" in it. She asked me so more questions and then she glanced over my resume and asked me,

It looks like you don't have any experience in working in store like this so why would you want to work here?

When she asked me that I was pretty pissed and somewhat bitter. This question was basically asked at the end of the interview after all my "I love fashion and love Forever21" speech. I answered the question very interview appropriate, but knew with a question like that I didn't get the job. When I walking through the mall trying to find my out I started thinking to myself. Is there something wrong at the age of 21 trying something different like working at a retail chainstore? My first job out of high school that I had was an receptionist at a dental office. I basically learn dental terminology, learn how to take and read x-rays and the functions of various insurance companies all in a short period of time. People go to school to learn what I learned at that office so I don't think it would be that diffucult to work at retail store even though I am not putting down anyone who works at any retail store because I believe there difficulty in any job.

When I told my mother of the question she asked me I started to compare the Forever21 at this certain mall to the Forever21's in New York City. My Mother said it seems this store (in NJ) tends to go by the book as New York tend to go with girls that are extremely stylish and that can represent the store from a more fashion point of view. I totally agreed with her because seriously the Forever21 at this mall in NJ look like crap compared to the ones in NYC. The store arrangement of clothes was pretty unappealing and the styling of the mannequins was also distasteful. The sale associates in the store wasn't dressed that chic as the sale associates in the Forever21's in NYC.

Very recently I went to a Forever21 in NYC to see if they were hiring and they were, when I ask the assistant manager, "do an applicant needed an intensive background in retail?" She peacefully answered while shaking her head, "No". I am somewhat bitter that the store manager in NJ asked me that question in a manner as if I have no matter of applying in a retail store at all. It is just unfortunate that even though with all my fashion experience I had she didn't asked me anything about that only she emphasized on the fact that I never work in a retail store before.

If anyone thinks I'm little over my head please do drop me a comment.

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