"I Can't Believe I Was Speaking To Her!!!"

9:08 PM

Those were the words I uttered out my mouth when I watched the Dior Fall 2007 Fashion Show on Style.com and recognized a face that I thought looked familiar. In one of my NY fashion week coverage post I wrote:

After the Tibi show I was sitting waiting for the Monique Lhuillier show to start when I ask the lady next to me was she waiting for the show to start she she yes and we started to have a conversation. Anyway turns out to be that she is a Fashion Director at a store in Canada. She asked me did I see the Tibi show and we started talking about that. She said that majority the collection she would use it for her store because it had really great wearable dresses and coats. The lady was really nice she asked what so far was my favorite show I saw I said the Matthew William show and then I said the Marc Jacobs show.

That Fashion Director for that store in Canada was Barbara Atkin for Holt Renfrew. That's right who would have known that I was speaking to very well respected person in the fashion industry. You can check out some of her commentary on the Dior show in Paris on youtube.

The funny thing is that she told she was going to Paris and Milan for the shows and I was bit jealous. It's just crazy being at a event like NY Fashion Week and meeting and chit-chatting with people you don't know too well who they are or what they do and turns someone like this lady that was just sitting calm and collective who was very pleasant is considered by Elle Canada a "Power Woman".

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