This is ridiculous!!!

1:38 PM

It really is ridiculous that everyone it seems from nymag, to Fashionista and to the Jossip is curious about the mystery of ViewFromTheFourthRow blog. I mean come on people it is just a blog with words and opinions. I guess people in this fashion arena don't like to be criticized or some people feel that this supposedly "Conde Nast Fashion Editor " shouldn't have a blog at all. The question is why the fascination with this blog? Many people on the internet are real and sometimes fake of who they really are in the blogging world. Why do people need to dissect who this person claim to be? is it because she's talking about the fashion heavy hitters in the magazine world and a little glimpse in the life of her being a fashion editor is too good to be true that people just can't stomach it.
What's funny is that this person behind this blog could just be a 18 year old boy trying to throw everyone in a loop with tales of attending a few fashion shows, who really knows? What be different if there was a blogger claiming to be a 20 year fashion student in LA but who really is a 36 year old mother of three living in a rural city? The power of the internet and blogging is that people can be anonymous at will and I believe that's why everyone is in a curious mood about this certain "blogger". But seriously it's just blog.

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