NY designers are not really considered "designers"

12:29 PM

In the end, New York Fashion Week jumped to the front of the calendar, a position it still maintains, partially to stop the whining. Still, designers such as Marc Jacobs, arguably the most influential US designer working today - and not, incidentally, represented in this exhibition - are often called stylistes in French, as opposed to createurs; a styliste is someone who is great
at creating a look, but not necessarily an original garment.

This is a paragraph from the Financial Times article, "Playing To The Gallery" by Vanessa Friedman. Ummm, New York designers are considered as stylist instead of createurs , that's funny but somewhat true. In my case the reason I love NY fashion week is that it's great to see how designers edit down their pieces for shows. However considering NY designers not "designers" is pretty harsh. The best aspiration realistically for me is being in New York seeing how people put certain pieces together. Being in New York I get inspired by the people in the streets and my classroom to how to be creative when it comes to chosing an outfit from my own closet. However there are designers such as Zac Posen, Moniquer Lhuillier, Carmen Marc Volvo that make exquite dresses and growns that are cut wonderful on the body. But whatever even if it's creating a look or designing a couture dress it's still fashion and there are designers still behind their product.

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