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11:05 AM

"Quite how the monthly glossies can compete with the weeklies and the internet I don't know. What is the point of their discussing a show we all saw and read about three months earlier? I know they will argue that they do it better and definitively, but frankly, who cares? And, thirdly, why bother to show a dress when all you really need to do is to put it on the back of someone famous? You shove it down a red carpet. Create a hot garment, get it photographed, and make some cash. It is longer about creating a look, challenging what people think, crossing boundaries and coming up with ideas. It's, will Nicole wear this? Can I get Paris Hilton to open a shop in my clothes? Who cares what thinks? No-one can be bothered to wait for Vogue. In the end we'll be making a dress a week, shoving it on a celeb, and getting it into the shops. How depressing is that?"

- An excerpt from Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones & Anonymous

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