A Class Visit to the Tommy Hilfiger Showroom Studio in NY

11:22 AM

On Tuesday July 17 my textiles analysis class visited the Tommy Hilfiger Showroom in NYC. The trip was setup by my professor who arranged everything with Betsey Hilfiger (that's Tommy Hilfiger sister btw), she was also our tour guide throughout the day. Days before the trip I asked my professor will we be able to take pictures and she said probably not, however I did bring my camera just in case I wanted to make a video of my adventure of going to the showroom. When we went into the the building which holds other designers such as Derek Lam, we were introduced to Betsey and shown a video of 20 years of Tommy Hilfiger designs, runway and the whole brand.
Betsey was so sweet when we went the room the held the Tommy Hilfiger archive it was immediately announce that we can take pictures.
Majority of the classmates had camera phones taking pictures, I on the other hand took pictures and video but I couldn't take much as I wanted to because I only brought my 64 mb memory card which is not a lot memory. I didn't bring my other memory card that can hold an hour worth of video because we were informed that we couldn't pictures, but it's ok, I just want to take pictures and video of so much more, I just have to deal with what I have. Well the archive was amazing absolutely amazing. I mean shirts, dresses, jeans in almost every color over the past 20 years.

We even saw the inspiration boards and lookbook for this upcoming collection. Well I am going to stop writing the video below sums up the whole experience. Enjoy, I know I did.

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