Spotting Peter Som in NYC then off to school

1:56 PM

I was walking on 7th ave during rush hour to go to school this morning and guess who I saw, Peter Som walking in the opposite direction wearing a white buttoned up shirt sleeves rolled up to the elbows, dark blue jeans and he was carrying a brown paper bag. So with much excitement to tell my fellow fashion students I waltzed into class and this was the dialogue:

CI: Guess who I saw?

Student: Who?

CI: Peter Som!!!

Student: ??????? (look on the face)

CI: You know Peter Som the designer and now he is the new designer for Bill Blass

Student: You know I don't know who that is...

Yes I was speaking to another fashion student I couldn't express the fashion high I had for the rest of class because no one knew who I talking about. Oh, I did I say I was speaking to fashion students.

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