Interning at Loeffler Randall will lead you at Teen Vogue

8:17 PM


Just ask the newest Teen Vogue Intern Brooke Sirianni a fashion merchandising major at FIT. I put two and two together and realize when I was looking at the Intern Blog that Brooke looked familiar. When I googled her name she was under Teen Vogue again not as an intern for Teen VogueNOW

but an intern at Loeffler Randall. Some you Teen Vogue readers might remember I believe it was last month issue, when the mag (and it's still online) had a feature Fashion at Work: Inside Jobs, where they featured a few interns at their workplace and some more fashion people. Brooke Sirianni was featured as a Loeffler Randall intern now Brooke is a Teen Vogue Intern. I am just loving the boots I guess being at the helm of Jane Keltner, Brooke hasn't forgot all about being a Loeffler Randall girl.

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