Un-Chic Disasters of 2007

2:11 PM

When I think of the multiple mess-ups and mishaps I had it completely blow my mind because it seems in all fashion related events crazy things happens to me and only me.

So let me think...

* The H&M shirt (to the left) that I decided to wear for the Suze Yalof Schwartz
interview became wrinkle outta this world before me even walking through the Conde Nast doors.

* When I did walk through the Conde Nast doors waiting to get check-in with the security and a nice man behind me told me my tag was showing. That's exactly what I needed my $49.90 tag showing I quickly ripped the tag out and said "thank you"

*The first day of fashion week this past September my leather peep toe slingback shoes malfunctioned. I was heartbroken for two reasons there were my favorite shoes and they were the only heels I depended for fashion week.

*Continuation of the first day of fashion week, as a back up I carried a pair of bejewel sandals with me just for back-up (thank heavens). As I slipped off my defunct leather heels off I came to a surprise that one of my toe polish came off of my third toe. I was pissed how embarrassing I was walking around with all of my toes painted in black then one toe look jacked up. I guess when I was trying to walk in the those leather shoes the polish came off. (sigh)

*When I was going to interview Kim Foley I couldn't find my make-up bag with all my goodies. I was not feeling too good walking in Soho without even some mascara. There was a picture I took with Kim, let's just say that pic won't see the light of day. However my make-up addict sister told I should at least have some mascara in my bag always just in case of any moments.

*Lastly when I went to Showroom Seven to talk with Karlie Kayser, in the Elevator as I was taking off my scraf one of my earring fell and broke. One thing I really love as an accessory for me is my long earrings and my heart broke when it fell. So I had to do the interview earring-less.

As the New Year is almost here and NY fashion week is near (hehe it rhymes). I would gladly forget those moments and hope that 2008 will bring less embarassing moments. (lets just hope)

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