The truth about Interning from former Vogue Interns

5:32 PM

I just read this post from the The Cut and I have to say this didn't seem fair when I read that Sean Avery the “intern” for Vogue Magazine had his own company email address, getting paid minimum wage and will be going to the Couture shows in Europe. If all interns we treated with such great pleasantries but that doesn’t happen. In the post two former interns talk about their experience at Vogue Magazine.

Ashley: "We had a meeting in the very beginning of the summer and they were like, 'We're not going to tell you you have to go buy a whole new wardrobe and buy expensive clothes, but it's a high-fashion magazine — you should dress the part.' It was kind of hard to wear heels — we would bring flats in our bags, and everyone would change into them when we got really uncomfortable."

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