Neon going down South

11:55 PM

Neon and NeonSometimes walking in the city, seating in  Starbucks or waiting in line at Duane Reade I observe people style especially when it involves work clothes and their personal style. But I rarely stare at someone feet or footwear only if they're wearing something of a  fierce pair of shoes. However as I was standing on the 6 train going downtown I noticed  a young woman neon yellow sandals and neon pink nail polish on her toes. My immediate thought, "That feet work looks fun and popping". I may not notice what she was wearing because my attention was directly going south. Yes I loved the neon and neon together, but was this look planned or the choice of the feet work  by accident? 

I personally never painted my toes to coordinate with my sandals or any toes bearing footwear, but then again the only colors I ever painted my toes were black and light brown(nude-ish color).

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