2009/2010 CW Upfront Presentation

1:29 PM

I went to the CW Upfront Presentation and I never been to one of these presentation so I was anxious to see what it was all about. Basically next Fall the CW will have new series geared towards younger woman. I'm already drawn to the CW because of Gossip Girl... and sometimes America's Next Top Model. But I felt like the new schedule was a throwback to the 90’s with 90210, Melrose Place and The Beautiful Life (another version of Models Inc) . They had some other shows that were nice but I’m very picky on the shows I spend my time watching. I'm excited about The Beautiful Life that’s executive produced by Ashton Kutcher, also in the trailer was Zac Posen so I’ll definitely watch the show next Fall.

Here are a some clips from the presentation. Chuck Bass was hilarious!

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