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LOFT Style Studio + Ra Ra Riot

9:56 PM

Kate Young, Tina Chai, Alia Ahmed-Yahia, Joanne Blades and Austyn ZangFrom Left: Kate Young, Tina Chai, LOFT's Fashion Director Alia Ahmed-Yahia, Joanne Blades and LOFT's Head Designer Austyn Zung

Ann Taylor LOFT has always been precieved this grumpy grandma of a brand but now with a new head designer and the launch of Style Studio for Fall 2010, my preception has changed. Expect a more chic sophiscated collection to hit the stores for the Fall season.
The launch of Style Studio is Kate Young, Tina Chai and Joanne Blades styling outfits from LOFT's Fall 2010 collection. Similar to Theory I love this new way of giving the customer various ideas and us, fashion lovers a chance to see what our favorite stylists come up with.

The press preview and launch party was held at the Bowery Hotel, Alexa Chung was there djing but it was Ra Ra Riot that captured the night for me.
In the video below check out the last few minutes of their performance and a quick glimpse of the LOFT Fall 2010 collection.

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