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CW 2010/11 Upfront Presentation

7:50 PM

CW Katy Perry

I attended the CW 2010/11 Upfront Presentation which was ultra-fun, I tweeted through the whole presentation. Katy Perry performed and "Hot n Cold" and the CW's Summer theme song, "California Gurls". I have to give it to Katy P, she did a great job of getting all of those industry people up on their feet, because they were beyond apprehensive. But I was excited about going to the Upfront because I wanted to know a little of what to expect of the next season of Gossip Girl, which is that the show will take place in Paris. Drum roll please... the question remains will Chuck Bass live or die? The suspense, I know. Anyhoos the ultimate surprise of the presentation was that the announcement that the winner for next season of America's Next Top Model with grace the cover of Italian Vogue. All I know, is that competition better be fierce next season.

The video below is Katy Perry's performance and the handsome Chace Crawford (I can't get enough of him!)

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