It's All About the Spirituality.

11:48 PM

Remember in the fashion documentary Unzipped when Isaac Mizarhi, John Gallino and Andre Leon Talley went to a psychic/astrologer to help with Issac design his Fall 94 collection? Well I do. When I was younger watching that scene the first thought in my mind was, weirdo.

Today I read a pleasant article on about how designers and other fashion industry peeps use astrology and other spiritual means to stay balanced and zen.

I'm an avid reader of Astrologyzone and other astrology sites and I'm a devoted yogi. Everyone morning and month I go to astrology websites to read what the stars and planets have to hold. It may seem crazy or weird to other people but I enjoy it and I believe there is some truth to it (don't judge me). I started doing yoga during my first internship at Harper's Bazaar and it was the best decision for a workout and a much needed stress reliever at that time.

So, how do you stay balanced and zen?

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