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Social Styling: Can The Next Rachel Zoe Be Found Online?

9:30 AM

Today, I will be attending the Social Styling: Can The Next Rachel Zoe Be Found Online? a panel that will be moderated by Harper's Bazaar's Laura Brown.

There's so many Social Media panels going on through Fashion Week, I can't attend them all and to be a honest I rather spend my times going to shows. But I digress, from my understanding the panel will examine the role and growing popularity of social styling -- "playing fashion editor" on websites like Kaboodle and Polyvore. That's a pretty amazing topic in my opinion. Many bloggers that may not be in a very high fashion city like New York may still will want to show out their skills as a stylist and can do so with Polyvore.

Panelists will include:
Moderator: Laura Brown, Features/Special Projects Director, Harper’s Bazaar
Leandra Medine, blogger, ManRepeller
Kerry Diamond, VP of Public Relations & Communications, LancĂ´me
Andrew Essex, CEO, Droga5
Kristine Welker, Chief Revenue Office, Hearst Magazines Digital Media

If you're interested you can watch the panel live here at 12pm

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