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Levi's Fall 2011 Presentation

7:26 PM

Had an amazing time at the Levi's Fall 2011 Presentation, held at an art gallery on Wooster St. It didn't seemed like a presentation because all of the models were so relaxed as you can see above. But the message was there, it's all about LEVI's and it many fits and style of denim. From specific themed sections, Idle to Water Less, Levi's presented all kinds of denim for the many occasions in life.

LOL pic: Mary-Kate Steinmiller with Shaun Lewis, publicist for Dockers spontaneously jumped into the pic. So cute!

DJ and Teen Vogue Editor Andrew Bevans spinning on the 1s and 2s or just the 1s (I apologize for the lack of deejay lingo.)

I had a quick with Andrew (we're on a first name basis), because I've never been to a function where the DJ was also an editor of a magazine. But he was super cool and told me his love of music transitioned into playing music for friends to playing at the Standard Hotel and now he gets book for events.
Editor by day Djing at night, now that's a double life I would love to have.

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