Re: Blogging Mean Business

11:13 PM

Blogging in the Lobby during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

I had a chuckle today in the Lobby at Lincoln Center waiting to for a show to start. Reading Blogging Mean Business hit a nerve... a good nerve with me. I had this blog since 2006 and even though I'm not on a Bryan Boy status, I have experienced emails requesting for me to do things way beyond for free. I will make the expectation if it will provide a good angle for my blog but on the other end, I'm doing it for free. Jennine Jacob, blogger at The Coveted said in the article, "My student loans don’t accept free products from a brand and neither does my landlord." I agree with this wholeheartedly, I wish one day that companies can cough up the money to pay bloggers but some is still figuring how to incorporate "bloggers" in their marketing/pr strategy. I'm still unemployed and blogging has kept me busy, if you haven't noticed I had to cut drastically the amount of shows I went to because of financial reasons. Even with my efforts of getting help, I still couldn't attend shows and events as I would like. With that said, a new year is almost upon us and blogging is hardwork to maintain and companies should respect and compensate that.

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