Q&A with Designer, Heidi Merrick

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Fashion Designer, Heidi Merrick
I've been a fan of designer, Heidi Merrick and her namesake label for quite some now. As the holiday is approaching I wanted to check in to get to know about more about the designer, her process and her plans for the Holidays.

What was the defining moment that you realized that you wanted to be a designer?
My wedding day.  I made my dress and someone said to me, "You are wasting your life, you need to make dresses every day."

Was there any difficulties starting your own business?
I started small and measured, the difficulties pile with responsibilities.  So, no.

Heidi Merrick Spring 2012 Collection

 What’s your design process like?
Every season it changes.  But it's always emotional, revealing, challenging and deeply personal.  I begin riffing on ideas usually 4 months before I even cut a dress.

What was your inspiration for Spring 2012 Collection?
A love story, between a young surfer on the rise and a little girl left in a small beach town.  I really tapped in to childhood memories about the surf stars in all the glamour.  It was great to relive it.

If you weren’t a designer, what profession would you have?
I'd love to have a more simple expression of life; a fisherman, a farmer, an unknown oil painter...

Heidi Merrick Spring 2012 Collection
What made you decide to go branch your brand into home?
We were spending a lot of time in the studio making stuff for my house... I finally realized I'd have to produce something to make our money back for all my side projects! -No, I thought, if I want this so does someone else!

Any advice to my readers who want to make their love of fashion design into a business?
 Count the cost?  Maybe had I known how much work it was I wouldn't have done it!  OH, but I'm so glad I did. Maybe my most practical advice should be, know your market.
Heidi Merrick Spring 2012 Collection
 Do you have any plans for the Holidays?
I'm going to my parent’s house, we'll probably wear 4'3"s and go surfing and if it's too cold we'll go play with the horses and my brother’s house!

What is your favorite look from your Spring Collection?
My favorite from Spring is the Fountain dress, I wore it in green to my annual Christmas party last night!
Heidi Merrick Fountain Dress in Nude

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