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Winter Footwear: Steve Madden Combat Boots

3:23 PM

Steve Madden Troopa Boots
Someone recently asked me, "How do I look cool in these frigid temperatures without reaching for the UGGS?" Well, we all know that UGGS had there time in fashion history and still is practical for some people. However combat boots are a go-to item for many people now. I just came back from the fashionable SoHo and some many people dressed up these boots that were common among the men and women in the arm forces. (Don't ya just love fashion for that reason, jumping the sartorial boundaries.)
There are many variations of combat boots, so if you are  going to jump ship and purchase them go for real leather (if you can afford it) not faux. Real leather boots after a few wears will begin to look distress = looking even more cooler.

Anyway, these Steve Madden combat boots are pretty dope and less than $100.

Which do you prefer UGGs or combat boots?

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