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Inspection Report: Laquan Smith Fall '12 Presentation

8:00 PM

Laquan Smith Fall '12 Presentation
Show: Laquan Smith Fall '12 Presentation
Location: Bryant Park Hotel Cellar 

Overall: Laquan is a very young designer that is slowly emerging among ranks with admirers such as Andre Leon Talley, Serena Williams and Rihanna even at his presentation were renowned stylists June Ambrose and Ty Hunter in attendance. Cleverly titled, "Robotic Dream" Laquan Smith referenced his Fall '12 collection to Space age where women are strong, sexy and can kill you with just a stare. This collection is very high editorial and I wouldn't be surprised if one these pieces ended up in a music video; it's very directive.There were body con dresses, with iridescent panels, my favorite were the structured flared skirts and blazers.

Grade: B+


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