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Inspection Report: Lauren Moffatt Fall '12 Presentation

1:17 PM

Show: Lauren Moffat Fall '12 Presentation

Location: The Old School, NYC

Pieces To Covet: Edith Fairisle Crewneck Sweater w/ Isabel Lace Midi Skirt and Lolita Velvet and Denim Jumper w/ Jane Floral Pintuck Top.

Overall: Arriving at Old School there was two classes, Science and Art, that I had to step in so I can look at the Lauren Moffatt Collection. If my art and science classes was this chic when I was in school I would probably be more hyped to go. But alas this Fashion Week and the ideas of grandeur is best fitted the collections.  What I loved the most about this presentation was even though the models look studious they were all doing things a student shouldn't do it class. I think that's the best irony, the most well dressed school girl also is the one that misbehaves.

Grade: B+
Art Class at Lauren Moffatt Fall '12 Presentation

Science Class

Full Class Photo

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