Inspection Report: Prada’s Fall ’12 Men’s Show

2:39 PM

Show: Miuccia Prada Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Men’s Fashion Show

Location: Milan, Italy

Pieces to Covet: Buttoned military outfits with belts and shined black shoes, lapel accessories and rent-tinted sunglasses, white, stiff-collared dress shirts for men with a camouflaged white tie, spotted sportscoats and trenchcoats

Overall: The Prada show had a very distinctive buttoned-up military style. All the models looked as though they could be European generals of yesteryear with their pressed white shirts, well-shined boots, and stodgy coats adorned with labels that could easily be mistaken for military badges. But there was a twist. The red-tinted sunglasses and the generous amounts of spots and fur were an attempt to turn Prada’s self-described display of power and male vanity into something more casual and hip. It was interesting, but it didn’t quite work.

Grade: B+

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