Honorable Mentions of Spring/Summer 2013 New York Fashion Week

6:11 PM

Angel Sanchez Spring/Summer 2013
Angel Sanchez: Graphic shapes and cuts that had a 3-dimension effect on the body.

Yuna Yang Spring/Summer 2013
Yuna Yang: Lace and sheer filled collection with a 1950's silhouette flair.

Son Jung Wan Spring/Summer 2013

Son Jung Wan: From ombre colored party dresses to soft flowy evening gowns that really captured the essence of the romantic nature of Spring.

Katya Leonovich Spring/Summer  2013 

Katya Leonovich: Sexy water-colored print dresses with asymmetrically cut-outs and my favorite hairstyle, the top bun.

pic credits: Rodin Banica, MAO Pr, Julia Perry 50

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