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Cleanlogic Green Collection Launch to Raise Awareness for the Visually Impaired Community

10:00 AM

I had an eye opening experience (no pun intended) when I attended the Dining in the Dark dinner for the launch of Cleanlogic’s Green Collection. The Cleanlogic's Green Collection is a 13-product collection that offers all of eco-friendly bath and body care essentials. Products within the collection have been packaged with the brand’s signature Braille labels. The brand's mission which was discussed by the CEO of Cleanlogic Issac Shapiro and the CEO of the American Foundation, Carl Augusto for the Blind, is to create “products with a vision for tomorrow” .
The launch of Cleanlogic partnered with Dark Dining Projects, an innovative way to bring visually healthy individuals face to face with the experience of blindness. 

We the media and press prepared for the Dining in the Dark experience by putting on blind folds and getting into a long line and placing our hands on each other shoulders. We were then guided by the staff slowly to the dinner table to have our dinner course. When the plates of food was placed in front of us everyone from what I heard tried to use their knife and forks.  But not knowing exactly what we were eating made it a little difficult, so the majority of everyone ended up using their hands to eat the food (LOL).  Using our sense of touch and smell it became a guessing game of what the contents was on the plate. We were not informed of what our dinner course consisted of until the very end. By the way eating food that you have no idea what it is because you can't see it, was a scary feeling!

Overall, It was a sensory overload of an experience. We take advantage everyday of things that comes so easy to us such as sight and not realizing they are people that don't have this advantage. This dining experience made me completely empathetic towards the visual impaired.

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