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Key Accessory Trends From Paris

1:41 PM

1. Stella McCartney 2. Alexander McQueen 3. Hussein Chalayan 4. Chanel 5. Chloe 6. Kenzo 7. Hermes 8. Vivienne Westwood

While statement designer bracelets and decidedly un-subtle bags have been all over the shops this year, the line-up at Paris Fashion Week told an even more ambitious story for next year's accessories. From plastics to faux-metal, materials and designs stretched the limits, with hats inspired by bee-keeping and handbags made from hula-hoops.

There was a space-age feel to the proceedings as the new styles for Spring/Summer 2013 strolled out onto the Parisian catwalks last week. Form mixed with function in Stella McCartney's transparent white 'flat'forms, and shoes were looking distinctly concave at Alexander McQueen as high-heels teetered on a virtually heel-less platform.

The future was also in sight at Chalayan with the 'hisor', or artful splicing of a floppy-brimmed hat and a perspex visor at the front. Bags were not overlooked in the ideas department, with the Chanel invention that everyone's tweeting about: a handbag framed by huge plastic hoops and no doubt capable of escaping its owner if dropped on a hill.

In the jewelry corner, bangles clacked in silver, gold and see-through Perspex at Chloe, again showcasing plastics as a firm favorite for next season. Matching wrists were the order of the day, with chunky gold cuffs on both arms by Kenzo and a pair of fingerless gloves at Hermes. Crowns made an unexpected appearance in Vivienne Westwood's collection, as did face-painted hearts, continuing the twin themes of veiled and unveiled which seemed to characterize the week.

With the 2013 fashions promising such inspired creations, it's set to be a long winter. The
accessories to watch out for come spring should be defiantly man-made, imaginatively-formed and with one foot firmly in the future.

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