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Q&A with Greg Cummins of Logan Zane

12:43 AM

Greg Cummins, the designer of Logan Zane

I met Greg Cummins, the designer of Logan Zane at New York Fashion Week during the DETAILS Collections: The Men's Accessories Show. I will always respect someone's hustle to create their own brand just out of pure love of what they're doing. Having chatted with Greg for a few minutes in February, it was clear that he loves superb craftsmanship in men's leather goods. His brand, Logan Zane are genuine leather accessories that consist of bags, belts and bracelets that are all handmade in Brooklyn, NY. Even though Logan Zane is only a few years old, it has already created a cult following. 

Read my Q&A with Greg ....

How did the Logan Zane brand come to fruition?
In 2010, I was searching for a well built everyday bag to carry my laptop, chargers, 
magazines etc. I wasn't quite satisfied with what I saw in the better department stores.
I developed a simple backpack made from the best hides I could find because I truly love
and appreciate quality leather.

Can you describe your aesthetic in three words? 
Simple, Masculine and Luxurious.

What was the defining moment that you realized that you wanted to be a designer?
Honestly, I spend most of my days and nights being a marketer to support sales, without that effort there would be no brand. I do plan to enroll in design classes one day. I still don't know what I wanna be when I grow up but today I enjoy overseeing all facets of the brand.

All of Logan Zane pieces are immaculately made; did you go to school for designing or who taught you to design leather goods?
Thanks, the process of product development is sometimes trial and error. I've learned
by making a LOT of expensive mistakes. 

Were there any difficulties starting your own business and building your brand?
There are always difficulties, daily I would say. Building a brand is not unlike
raising a child.

What's your process from sourcing your materials to creating a single piece? 
I've amassed quite a collection of materials over time for inspiration. The best way to decide if a product works is to use it yourself.

In the next five to ten years how do you want to see Logan Zane?
I would love to see the brand extend into other lifestyle interests. Fragrance, eye-wear, home furnishings etc.

Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?
I enjoy working with people in general. I would love to design a men's shoe with a like minded shoe brand.

If you weren't a designer, what profession would you have?
I enjoy selling on all levels, so if it weren't Logan Zane, I'd be selling another good or service that I really believed in.

Do you have any advice for accessory designers?
Making stuff is the easy part...Selling is difficult.

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