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3 Brands from the Art Institutes Fall 2014 Fashion Show

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3 Brands from the Art Institutes Fall 2014 Fashion Show

13 Student designers  (which included 1 design duo) from the Art Institutes showcased their collections to the NY crowd at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week last week.  I spoke with a few of them backstage on their inspirations and and how their brand will stand out among the other students that's presenting in the show.

See which designers I spoke with backstage ...

Ryan Edmonds & German Madrigal, RG , Art Institute Fall '14 Fashion Show
Ryan Edmonds & German Madrigal of RG
Inspiration for this collection?: 
German: "We started off by doing something for fun and it turned into elements that we love, layering and course we love black. we love minimalism and  but still try to push it and do little details in the collection and still make the consumer want to approach our garments."
Ryan: "We wanted to make an approachable collection for the consumer, we want to take high-end design elements and bring that down and make it very approachable and wearable. Something that someone can see on the runway and say "I want that right there and I want to take it home with me right now" . This was an experiment for us in menswear and we also combined women's in the collection and make it approachable and wearable."

How will your brand stand out?:
German: "One that will help us stand out is that we are the only team that's  actually doing mens and womens. So we wanted to fuse both of the design elements from a man and female and having fun with it and you will definitely see that in the collection. Everyone here definitely has something to show but we have our own stuff and we ready to show it with the audience."
Ryan: "The idea of a duo, is like blending two minds into one is what we wanted to do.Our team is 50/50 on everything. When I asked German to work with me on this I wanted to make sure it was like that."

 Designer, Anna Charest Art Institute Fall '14 Fashion Show
 Designer, Anna Charest
Inspiration for this collection?: 
Anna: "My inspiration for this season was the civil war and the women who are from that time period. One woman in particular was Dr. Mary Edwards Walker who was a female surgeron and the only woman to be awarded the Medal of Honor and her courage and individuality and strength really drove me to look at the women in my life and how they influence me. Really this collection is my way of honoring them for all what they have done and sacrifice for me to be here today."

How will your brand stand out?:
Anna: "One thing about my collection is it's entirely fabricated  from wool and I think it really highlights the versatility of the textile and the many ways you can faceted and I think it's very marketable  and wearable for the everyday woman."

Designer Christopher Maracha, Art Institute Fall '14 Fashion Show
Christopher Maracha 
Inspiration for this collection?: 
Christopher: "For this collection my inspiration came from artwork, more specifically Patrick Nagel from the 80's and his mens illustrations. I thought about  what would these guys from the 80's think they would be wearing in 2014 and went on from there and started sketching."

How will your brand stand out?:
Christopher: "I hope that my collection stands out is that I'm the only menswear designer and I did a lot of unusual things that people see in menswear like the peekaboo shots here and there of colorblocking mesh and basic things like a tank top with shorts. So I hope people will notice that."

To watch the 13 designers from The Arts Institutes including these three, click here.

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