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Get the Look: 5 Floral Finds

1:05 AM

Get the Look: 5 Floral Finds
Get the Look: 5 Floral Finds

My Spring search is winding down even though the weather has other plans. What I realize is that like it or not Floral prints will always be a Spring season staple.  However what I love is the airy lightness that floral prints can capture. Also, what I inspected for many floral items that are in stores now, is that the these prints are enlarge so you see the daisies, tulips, leafs and many others in high definition. Last but not least, if you don't want to wear a daisy you can surely smell like one through the eyes of Marc Jacobs's perfume Daisy.

How would you incorporate florals in your everyday wardrobe?

Get the Look ...

MARC JACOBS FRAGRANCE  Daisy Delight // Ted Baker Iberis Floral Printed Dress // AKONG LONDON LONG BOTANICAL DROP EARRINGS // EQUIPMENT Riley Endangered Floral Print Tee // Dolce & Gabbana Embellished floral-brocade point-toe flats

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