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5 Vodka Tasting Steps From The Spirits Expert, Jack Robertiello

6:17 PM

5 Vodka Tasting Steps From The Spirits Expert, Jack Robertiello,
5 Vodka Tasting Steps From The Spirits Expert, Jack Robertiello

Pinnacle Vodka has 40 flavored vodkas in their repertoire which is a lot, but the heart of the brand comes from their non-flavored vodka. I always love to share with you my readers some awesome cocktail recipes. But it's best to go back to the basics of how to taste vodka. I attended the Pinnacle Vodka tasting not too long ago and the Spirit Expert, Jack Robertiello gave us all the deets on how to taste vodka.

Below are 5 steps on tasting vodka....

Step by Step
1. Pour about two ounces into a white wine glass and hold the spirit to light, looking for impurities. A good wheat vodka should be clear and silvery in the light. 

2. Swirl and sniff. Just like with wine, swirling the liquid will help bring out aromas. Lower your nose slowly toward the glass, as vodka is much stronger than wine and you don't want to be overpowered with the strength of the alcohol.

3. Get a good smell. Lower your nose slowly. Sniff steadily and leave your mouth open while doing so, to create air flow. As you get close to the liquid, you'll begin to pick out aromas. Note them and try to decipher additional, specific smells - vanilla, citrus, grain, crackers and of course alcohol are typical with wheat vodka.

4. Taste it. Pour about an ounce into your mouth and observe what happens as the spirit moves across your tongue. Swish the liquid around your mouth so that the vodka makes full contact with all surfaces. Breathe in a bit of air through your clenched teeth - that helps bring the aromas out. 

5. Spit or swallow, breathe in briskly through your mouth and observe the finish. Does it dissipate quickly or is it long-lasting? Is it rich or weak? What flavors do you taste now? Typical among wheat vodka finishes would be anise, black pepper, vanilla, lemon, and it should be brisk and appetizing with a little alcohol heat. While finish matters more with aged spirits, it always must always taste clean.

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