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Get Boxer Fit at BFX Studios's Box & Bell Class

7:30 AM

Get Boxer Fit at BFX Studios
Get Boxer Fit at BFX Studios in the Financial District
The Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao boxing match is this Saturday and it has everyone buzzing who's going to come out on top. Regardless of who wins, one thing for sure boxers such as Floyd and Manny are in divine physical fitness. ...
The second BFX Studio just opened in the Financial district and they are continuing their boutique studio scene model which features indoor cycling, group exercise, and personal training. Also the studio is expanding its signature boxing and kettlebell program "Box & Bell", a hybrid workout consisting of 30 minutes of boxing combined with 30 minutes of kettlebell drills. The usage of the kettlebell and the boxing  is the perfect fusion to get all of the a core areas engaged. From taking the class myself, it was hardcore but the teachers were super helpful and kept a close eye on everyone to make sure stances were done correctly and safely. If you're ever in the Financial district area head over for a class.

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Take a peek at their boxing class studio...

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