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Inspection Report: GANT Spring/Summer 2016 Presentation

12:24 PM

GANT Spring/Summer 2016 Presentation
GANT Spring/Summer 2016 Presentation... GANT Diamond G collection

Who: GANT Spring/Summer Women's and Men's Presentation
Where: Spring Studio, NYC
The House of GANT’s had a massive presentation to start off New York Fashion Week with the Spring 2016 collection that consists of three sub brands; GANT Originals, GANT Diamond G, and GANT Rugger. The Gant Originals is all about the Yacht Club, Golf Club, and Beach Club aesthetic so think of sporty American Sportswear, with an added European sophistication. GANT Diamond G is the polished and trendy sophisticated sub brand of the three. This consisted of business casual and leisurewear fusion apparel. GANT Rugger, is the more innovative and and focuses on the more of the paying homage of the brand. So you will see more outerwear, blazers and jackets in a variety of silhouettes.

Grade: B+

Andy Cohen, Designer Christopher Bastin and Nick Wooster
(L to R) Andy Cohen, Designer Christopher Bastin and Nick Wooster

pics credit:BFA

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