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7 Fashion Professionals Gives Career Advice

10:00 AM

7 Fashion Professionals Gives Career Advice

August is common for back-to-school month but more importantly, students and recent graduates are using this time to polish off their resumes and contemplate their next career choice. If the fashion industry is where you want to be, I have some great advice from some fashion, beauty and pr mavens that has a long and successful careers. Also, even if you're not interested in fashion as a career, their advice definitely transcends into any industry.
Always remember,  hardwork pays off!

Phillip Picardi, Digital Director at Teen Vogue... “The best advice I could give someone who wants to get into publishing is to not give up. This is a hard circle to get into. And you have to find the right people who are willing to open doors for you. My email address is in my bio for all my social media accounts and young people reach out to daily and I hope that that is always a part of my life. The important thing is that you can reach out to editors. You can ask them for 15 minutes of their time on a phone call. Reach out once and follow up once if they don’t respond. Once you’re on the phone with them, make it worth their while. Don’t ask the questions that are already published in their interviews or in their bio, ask the specific questions that are actually going to be helpful to you. "
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Shiona Turni

Shiona Turni, fashion consultant and former Fashion Market Director for Cosmopolitan Magazine... “This industry, and the job market in general, is pretty tough. You need to be resilient and try not to take anything personally. Stay strong! If you are confident that fashion is for you, stick with it. Make good contacts and great impressions and something amazing will happen for you. Also, be prepared for the demanding nature of this business. It is easy to be distracted by the glitz and glamour of fashion, but it’s no joke. Everyone works really hard to get to where they are, so don’t underestimate the lengths it takes to land a “dream job.” Don’t be in such a rush to get the perfect job. My career is a departure from where I started, but I definitely wouldn’t have it any other way. Learn everything you can and always be willing to work very hard no matter what.”
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Nicole Chapoteu

Nicole Chapoteau, Beauty Director at Allure Magazine... "You have to do what you love. We spend most of our lives at work…so if you’re not doing something that you’re passionate about, you’re just going through the motions.“Your age isn’t important… it is what you put into it. This is an industry that is very age-driven, but if people see your drive, you can learn…you will make sacrifices.” For those looking to transition into fashion, Nicole shared, “you need to put a plan in place, get savings in order, figure out a schedule and follow your dreams.”
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Kristie Dash

Kristie Dash, former Beauty Digital Editor  at Allure.com... "Read everything, watch everything and be on all social media platforms. Know what’s going on around you, not only in the industry, but in the world. The best way to learn, in my opinion, is to consume and observe. It’s how I know what’s relevant and how I stay inspired."
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Liz Blumenthal

 Liz Blumenthal Junior Account Executive at Laforce...  "Read everything! From understanding the media landscape to sparking fresh and creative ideas for clients, it's important to be up-to-date on everything from the latest fashion trends and emerging technologies to pop culture moments and breaking news.” Intern! PR is truly taught in the office. Take advantage of any opportunity, and show an eagerness to take on new responsibilities and projects. Get to know your managers and grow your network—often these internships turn into full-time jobs. Be flexible. From long-hours at the office to last-minute event changes, this industry is not easy. It's important to keep your cool during high-stress times and be open to change at a moment’s notice.”
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Dana Schwartz

 Dana Schwartz, Senior Fashion Director at Wetherly... "Intern—gain as much experience as you can. I know it sounds redundant, but I would not be where I am today if I didn’t have those opportunities. Not only do internships give you experience, but they are the best way to understand how the fashion industry and PR, in particular, work—which is vastly different on the inside. When you are starting out, be a true participant: listen, absorb, ask questions, familiarize yourself with every fashion magazine, PR agency, editor, brand, digital influencer, designer, model, stylist, and photographer. Beyond internships, don’t be afraid to reach out (via email; no calls—we are email-driven) to people you admire in the industry to ask for advice, pick their brains, or to hear how they got where they are. You’d be surprised how many publicists are happy to share the wisdom as long as you are conscientious of their time.”
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Andre Leon Talley

 Andre Leon Talley, former American editor-at-large for Vogue... "You have to do your homework. In life, homework is important. That’s the advice I give to students. Homework could be reading or learning how to do that stitch. You can also do that on your own if you simply go to the library. It’s not necessarily about being on the computer and Googling it. That’s not enough. You have to explore it. You have to respect your mentors and keep your nose to the grindstone and keep exploring your vision and your dreams. And if you have something, people can see it."
via fashionista.com

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