Something Fishy About "The Hills"

9:36 PM

As I watching the rerun of "The Hills" episode three that orginally aired on 7/14. I noticed something that was in the trailer that probably should have been in the show. Okay in episode three LC was called to go to New York for Fashion Week to give Lisa Love a dress. So LC went to gave the dress to her and then Lisa Love told her that she has to go back to LA. LC went back to the car and went back to LA.
Okay here is something I noticed in the trailer for the show, LC went to New York for fashion week stayed for a show and Lisa Love even introduced her to Anna Wintour. Why the hell that wasn't in episode it doesn't make any sense. Check out the trailer below, you see LC wearing the same outfit (blue printed shirt with the red beaded necklace) at a show clapping then getting introduced to Anna Wintour. I don't know what's going on but they should have put those events into the episode three.

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