I guess the word is out about "The Hills"

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I guess I wasn't the only person that noticed something wasn't so right about last week episode of "The Hills". Fashion Week Daily reported about the strangeness of that episode, but they noticed something which I didn't even notice. Well here is their report:

How Real Is Reality?

According to Teen Vogue, not so real in the case of MTV Monday,

June 19, 2006

(NEW YORK) Scripted reality shows? A nightly occurrence. What’s not so common is manipulating venues and locations. But such was the case last week on the MTV show The Hills, which centered around Lauren Conrad’s red-eye trip from L.A. to New York during Fashion Week just to hand deliver a dress to Vogue West Coast editor Lisa Love. Any fashion insider—or Marc Jacobs devotee for that matter—knows that the designer stages his two shows, Collection and Marc by Marc Jacobs, at the Lexington Avenue Armory. Exceptions have been made in the past, such as the show at the West Side Pier which doubled as his fragrance launch party. But never have they been at the Tents at Bryant Park, which was the obvious conclusion to be drawn when “L.C.” was shown walking up those steps and then, through some magic portal called video editing, entering the Armory.
What’s more, editors at Teen Vogue, where Lauren interns in L.A., were upset over the series’ debut episode—specifically the scene were Lauren and co-intern Whitney were “styled” by a Teen Vogue contributing stylist to reflect a more proper aesthetic of the magazine before meeting with Love. “No one gets styled like that,” cried one staffer. “It gives the magazine a bad name, like we’re artificial.”
And could Anna Wintour, Vogue’s editor in chief, not to mention editorial director of Teen Vogue, not have been pleased with being included in promotional trailers for the series? Last week’s episode featured a brief shot of her, in her trademark sunglasses, sitting from row at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. What was missing from the episode, however, but was included in the preview trailers shown months prior, was, a) Lauren actually staying for the show (in reality she left immediately); and b) an introduction to Wintour by Astley, with the sound byte, “Have you met Anna?” accompanied by the EIC and intern shaking hands (almost as plausible as an intern getting to sit at the show).
“It had nothing to do with us,” a Vogue spokesman said when asked if Wintour requested her presence be scaled down or edited down completely. “You’d have to ask the network.” A spokeswoman for MTV fielded a request for comment but was unable to reach the producers in time.JIM SHI

Well isn't that a good point when I watched the episode I didn't
pay too much attention to the inside of wherever LC was when she gave Lisa Love
the dress. I was more interested based on the trailer I saw before, the events
of LC as a intern flying red-eye to seating at a fashion show to meeting Anna Wintour, well only the last didn't happened in last week episode. But anyway I really don't appreciate the misconception of the show so far, but hey I will still be watching the show.

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