Let's Reflect to Olivier Theyskens

1:45 PM

"I have the desire to show something that's bit more cool, I'm not sure I love this word, but I use it all the time. Cool is a quality that's so important today. It means less fuss, not so perfect, a little bit freer."

"I think it's nice these days to wear something that's romantic and delicate-minimalist but still connected to histort, culture and roots?

Quotes by Olivier Theyskens in Harper's Bazaar May 2006 issue.

I was cleaning out my room and looking through my magazines came across this article ironically it was a few days after I heard the news that Rochas was closing down. So as fashion week is coming up in a few months Olivier Theysken as a designer I will miss but as talented he is I am sure a fashion house will scoop him up. I have a idea of a certain brand but mums the word.
So here is the last qoutes from Olivier,

"Maybe I would like to do lots of accessories when Rochas is a huge company with shops all over the world, like Chanel. Why not?"

"When people see Rochas, I want them to say that it is the work of someone whose spirit is free. It's the same with architecture or film-there isn't enough freedom of expression in fashion."

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