Day 3 Matthew Williamson Fall 2007 Collection

1:24 AM

This collection by Matthew was everything I love. It had an explosion of color with inspirations from the 60's and 70's. It reminded me of a 60's city girl partying at Studio 54. There were loosey jersey dresses in rich purple, pink and green with the models sporting a disco-ball bracelet on their left hands. One memorable look was these extremely large wide leg pants that came out on the first model which I thought looked really glamourous and needed to be pulled with much confidence in the real world. Anyway there were coats and baby dolls dresses embellished with clear stones. In conclusion I love, loved it.

Front Row Watch-Out: Well I don't have any pic because I was trying to save some room on my memory card for the next show I was attending. Anyway there was Rachel Zoe (I noticed her at the last minute), of course Andre Leon Tally, Anna Wintour, Lauren Ezersky, and more I really don't remember their names (shame on me :( However there was Jeanne from Fashion TV, Connie from NYTV and Patrick Macdonald.

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