Day 3 Tuleh Fall 2007 Collection

12:59 AM

The Tuleh show wasn't a show I got invited to but when I went to the PR desk they gave me and standing room ticket and when I went in the Promenade a sitter told me to fill up the fourth row so as I sat down and then I realized that were many seats needed to filled, literally. Regardless of that the Tuleh collection was everything conservative. Byran Bradley had many dress that were cut greatly on the body of the models. He also a whole lot of fur coats and jacket with fur trimmings. Also which was the lovely on the Tuleh runway was the dresses that were in cream and white esspecially the last model who came out in a wedding dress.

Front Row Watch-Out: Well, Well I have to say my view of who was in the front row was good because the Voguettes sat together, Andre, Anna and Hamish (exactly in that order).

(click on the pic to get the larger view)

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