NY Fashion Week Day 3

11:59 PM

Day 3 was a long day but good. My first show of the day was Twinkle by Wenlan. Wenlan is known for her "quirky scarves and unique sweaters" and that Exactly was seen on her runway presentation today handkitted scarves, berets and sweaters. With these lovely handknitted essentials in her collection she used that to do what many designers for the past few seasons have been doing which is layering. Many of my favorite looks were knitted sweaters over dresses pair with opaque burgundy tights and to top of was the knitted berets.

Front Row Watch-Out: Because I arrive to the tents later then I wanted I really couldn't get a good look at the front row, however all I know is that Lauren Ezersky was there with all her gray hair fabulousness.

Before the show begin.

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