My first show of the week... Cabbeen Men's Fall 2007 Collection

10:45 PM

Well I would have post pictures from the Cabbeen show but as soon as I was getting the in City I looked in my bag and I total forgot to bring my camera. So while I waiting in the standing room line I was just writing down some notes.

Cabbeen, a young emerging chinese menswear designer debuted his Fall 2007 collection for the first time in New York City at the Tents. His show was held in the showroom venue, I believe it's the smallest of the venues of the Bryant Park Tent. So believe it when I mean the showroom was really like a room a small and congested room. Before the show started I looked around and they were a lot of people just waiting for the to see what the NY fashion week -virgin had coming down the runway. "He is such a big designer where he's from, why such a small room?" a lady in a cream colored belted trench asked her male friend standing next to her, his reply was, "He is just happy to be in New York". That's what it's really about at New York fashion week having these venues and opportunites in the Big Apple where someone like Cabbeen all the way from China have a opportunity like this is such small but huge step in his career. I mean I have known many NJ/NY area designers that haven't had the chance to show in the Tents so for someone to come all the way China shows ambition and determination to widen his market. Okay about his collection I had many percieved notations about this collection based on the press packet I recieved from this press office, but it was all good notations.

My whole deal with menswear is that the designer have to think entirely out the box and be creative and marketable at the same time. Come on lets face a lot of men don't go shopping and with the demise of Cloak there is a lot uncertainity. However I had tons of favorite looks from Cabbeen, but if I had my camera I would have post them, enough with my camera. Cabbeen had many vintage-inspired cargo jackets, pinstripped pants with sweaters with Cabbeen name stitched in the upper back. He did a lot layer one memorable look was one model had a black blazer over bomber jacket with fur trim, I thought that looked 'hot'. He also have great jeans with minor graffiti embellishments on the pockets. Another favorite look was one model had on blazer with pink stitched flower in the front with a pink button up shirt inside with blue jeans. The show was great in styling kind of the way, many of the his pieces was put together looked really new and clean with a hint of fun to it.

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