NY Fashion Week Day 5 at the Bill Blass show

11:12 AM

Oh oh my, the Bill Blass show, I goto sit in the third row thanks Sofia Mindlin de Almeida from Allure magazine for not showing up. Anyway the Bill Blass show brought a lot of rich clientele to the show and the most coveted people in the magazine industry as well. The show was great the clothes was definitely what Bill Blass himself would've loved. The show had all of the top models there and the makeup was on point. The collection had a mixed of everything, oh how can I forget I was talking this this writer sitting right next to me from the New York Times and Life & Leisure about how great the bags were. I loved the big bag that was in croc-skin. Ok back to what I was saying the evening dresses with thin belt around the waist and there were coats in green, fuchsia and sky blue which I thought was fun to start to show with. The finale was absolutely lovely all the models came out in ravishly LBDs and all of the models looked like they were a having a great time.

Front Row Watch-Out: Like I said the Bill Blass show had coveted people from the magazine industry
(click on the pics to get it bigger)
Joe Zee from Elle Magazine
Michael Roberts from Vanity Fair
Glenda Bailey the editor of chief of Harper's Bazaar and in the right side of the pic is Robin Givan from the Washington Post.

Who also was there was Hal Rubenstein from Instyle Mag, Lisa Love from Teen Vogue and The Hills and Donald Trump's son was there as well.

The exclusive clientele was there all fur-out and I have to say being around all those ladies I felt out of place, damn I need to buy a fur coat.

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