Fall 2007 Fashion Week Round-up

6:24 PM

Well obviously what was the delay from the last post was that during fashion week walking in the city at 11 degrees I go ta very bad cold nearly flu/pneumonia. It was awful I was in the bed feeling weak and coughing like crazy. I still don't understand I was probably the most fully dressed girl under those tents, I mean I had a a thick coat, scraf, ear-muffs, gloves and majority of the time I had on a sweater with a few tanks for layering and I still go a cold. There was girls there basically wearing a shirts on their backs and they probably didn't get any kind of flu like symptoms like I had. It's not fair I try to protect myself from this frigid weather and still end up getting screwed.

Okay to finish off Day 6 of Fashion Week:

This was the day I was totally started to feel it. "it" as exhaustion and being extremely tried. That morning when I was trying to figure out what I was going to wear I just totally give up the notation of "looking chic" instead I wore a big black sweater and my "uggs". Come to my surprise when I arrive at the Tent there were people wearing uggs as well and sneakers. That day was the day I looked around and saw many people dressed down with comfort in mind instead of as the first couple of days were I believed people also had the notation of "looking chic" for fashion week.

Two girls wearing jeans and uggs

I attended the Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Show held at the showroom here are a few pics:

The next show I attended was the Vivenne Tam

Day 7 of NY Fashion Week

I only went to one show this day however I didn't mind because it was the Y&Kei show and I always enjoy looking at their collection each season. Also which was the major plus for attending the show was that at this show I recieved an seating assignment, that's right all week I was in standing room. So definitely this show was on the top of my favorites for the week.

In conclusion on Day 8 even though I had an invite for the Evisu fashion show and to their after party I couldn't attend either because I was feeling too ill to get out of bed. I felt like sh*t from feeling ill and I felt like sh*t for not being able to attend my last fashion show on the last day of fashion week. Hopefully in September I can attend all the shows I get invitation to.

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