Wait a minute it's Spring already?

6:51 PM

Okay my mind is hurting, my mother asked me a fashion student (starting on Monday) a simple question, "what are the trends for Spring?" I was for a couple of second lose of words. Why was that? Maybe for the reason that last month February I was totally rooted in the fall 2007 collections and the frigid weather hasn't change since only a couple of days ago. In the metro area the temperatures are slightly rising and basically the retails stores for the past two weeks stocked their spring collections. However I didn't pay to much attention to the spring lines in the stores just because mentally I am still in the Fall/Winter season of last year and this year. I felt that there was no need to look a short sleeved tunics and capris when it's cold outside. Now that the sun is shining slighty warmer now I really have get to know what the spring trends are. I made of list of things to do to get in the groove of Spring 2007:

  1. Check Style.com for a refresher of the Spring collections

  2. Observe the spring collections in clothing stores instead of going to the sale rack (that where all the fall clothes are)

  3. Look over Elle's Spring Vips

  4. Browse over Glam.com's Best of NY Fashion Week

  5. Watch the International Fashion Channel podcast for the Spring 2007 fashion show videos

I am going to do my homework so I can be in the right state of mind of whats happening in the Spring season. If anyone else has any tips for me to get in the groove please do leave a comment.

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