Fashion Insecurities

1:43 PM

They are many stereotypes that are about the fashion industry. This one girl in one of my classes told me after I said I was a fashion major, "I don't like fashion it's just people sitting around looking pretty". Okay, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and thoughts, however like her and many people there are these one-sided views about fashion and people working in fashion. With recent controversy blaming the fashion industry on promoting an unhealthy image for young women some people also think if the clothes weren't cut so small maybe real women wouldn't feel need to dislike their bodies. Fashion magazines and some other media outlets glamorous the fashion industry as this realistic lifestyle to have when in reality it so unrealistic. In actuality many designers clothes and shoes costs hundreds to thousand of dollars, money that some people don't have. However some of us still try to starve ourselves to fit into that sample size and go into extreme dept by buying high designer clothes just to feel some sort of worth or part of the "unrealistic" lifestyle of fashion. So is it fashion or personal?

Please you check out the video I uploaded on Youtube from Fashion Television Daily Podcast.

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