It's Wet in the a Fashion Student

5:50 PM

Yes today was completely soaking in the New York City raining all day. You see I can say this because I am official a fashion student at Berkeley College of NYC right between 5th and Madison Ave. I started class actually class on April 3, I went to orientation on the 2nd. However even though I commute from NJ to NY I absolutely do not mind because being in New York is aspiration for a place where I want to work and live one day. Okay let me talk about my fashion 101 class: Introduction into the Fashion Business, my Professor is really nice guy he worked for Gucci for a couple of years. The class is of course pretty fast paced but being a 101 course I learn about the history of fashion starting from the year 1770 to the Rose Bertin the world first designer to the Charles Worth the world first coutour designer. I am really excited about taking this course because for so long I have a strong interest in fashion now I can really get educated on the business. One of my first assignment that's due tomorrow was to write a one page about the Macy's Flower Show at Herald Square. I took some pictures:

Also what I love about my fashion class is that there are many people from diverse backgrounds so it great to see what they wear to class because that's biggest inspiration of style is to see what people wear on the street or in the classroom.

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